1. 2015

    Summer 2015 — Day 3: The People

    Our third day in Israel was filled with explorations of different cultures and connections. We began our morning at Lifeline for the Old, an organization which provides elderly Israelis with the opportunity to create various crafts - everything from metalwork to embroidery - in order to earn a supplemental income. As we wandered through their facilities, we observed the artists at work. Many were more than happy to show us their beautiful work, and even pose for pictures. After a much anticipated visit to the gift shop, where all the crafts are eventually sold, we got back on our bus. 

  2. 2015

    Summer 2015 — Day 2: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

    Today we started off with a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Then, on our first adventure of the morning, we walked along the outer wall of the old city of Jerusalem. After lots of walking and pictures we reached the Western Wall. We were led by guides through underground arches and tunnels excavated near the wall and and we were able to learn the history and spiritual importance as we touched the ancient stone. Once the tour was finished, we split up in order to put our notes in the wall. Then, so we could see the wall together as a community we congregated at a different section of the wall. Although amazing, the day's excursion was already quite exhausting so the group stopped for a quick lunch of sandwiches and muffins. Next we walked to the market place and everyone walked around exploring the stalls. Then we continued walking through the different quarters of the city. We encountered a mix of different smells, goods, foods, and religions. As soon as this was over we went back to the hotel for a well deserved dinner and some trip bonding. 'Twas a good day in the land of milk and honey!

  3. 2015

    Summer 2015 — So Glad We Made It!

    After a wild start, No'ar Hadash arrived in Israel safely meeting with our awesome Israeli guide Anat and medic Shai. Tired and bleary eyed, we took the day head on heading from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. Along the way we stopped at Ne'ot Kedumim biblical nature park to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as trying our hand at herding sheep, drawing water from a cistern and crushing hysop using a mortar and pestle. We learned about what makes a good leader by taking ideas from the bible and applying them to ideas of modern community. We had lunch and then finished the trip to Jerusalem.