1. 2021

    Different perspectives

    We started off the day with a late wake up. We have all finally adjusted to the time zone! We then had a morning activity at the hotel which involved a rudimentary overview of the history behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We then boarded the bus and set off for Bethlehem.

  2. 2021

    A spiritual journey

    We started the day by entering the old city through King David’s tomb, which is the location of the last supper. We then walked through the Jewish and Christian quarters before arriving at the  Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We took a tour of the church and went inside Jesus’ tomb! We also met a lovely singing woman who we instantly fell in love with and we will never forget. We then visited the Kotel, where we were able to pray alongside hundreds of people and partake in a tradition that has been a part of Judaism for thousands of years.

  3. 2021

    Sweet Beginnings

    We finally made it to Jerusalem after a long ten hour flight! We passed our multitude of COVID tests and had an amazing dinner at the hotel. We then woke up and played some super fun team-bonding games in Sataf. We solved puzzles, learned to communicate, and grew together as a team. After a delicious lunch of pizza, salad, and Israeli cola, we went on a hike. We learned about the Israeli geography and everywhere we will be going and looked out over the scenic Jerusalem mountains. We then took a dip in an underground spring and a couple of us even explored the dark tunnels that went through the mountains. We then went to a scenic lookout over Jerusalem and said the Shehecheyanu with a grape juice toast. We came back to the hotel to freshen up and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with a three layer cake for dessert. We then played cards and hung out until we were ready to go to sleep in preparation for our big day tomorrow. #rootonetrips #periolouslyperched #growingtogether #havayaisrael2021

  4. 2021

    On Our Way!

    After months of planning, learning, talking, and dreaming ... we're finally on our way to Israel! Can't wait to share highlights from what we know will be an amazing four weeks ahead!

  5. 2019

    A Quiet Day

    Today was a bit of a quiet day. We said goodbye to the Galilee and had a long bus ride to Jerusalem. After relaxing the hotel for a bit, we went out to a nice dinner and journeyed underground into the Kotel Tunnels. Afterwards a few of us stayed to visit the Kotel one last time while most of the group met Dalak’s grandfather, a Holocaust survivor and very cool man.

  6. 2019

    A Sweet Day

    Today started off with a tour of Degania Bet from a life-long resident (Camp Havaya's own Ruvik).

  7. 2019

    Ice Cream, Improv, and a Boat Ride

    Today started off with a long drive to Tsfat to visit the origin of Kabbalah (from which we get Kabbalat Shabbat) and halacha.

  8. 2019

    A Full Week

    We began this week with an exciting graffiti tour in Tel Aviv. It turned out that our tour guide was actually a graffiti artist himself (@artbyalef). Then we explored the history of the peace process in Israel at the Rabin Center.

  9. 2019

    Tikkun Olam

    Today was a day based on Tikkun Olam: repairing the world. After breakfast at Kibbutz Hanaton, we went to Emek Hashalom to learn about and experience what life with a disability can be like. In the afternoon we went to Ras Ali and hung out with some Arab youth. We played some icebreaker games and then had dinner after a short hike. Tonight, we’re packing before going to our next kibbutz: Degania Bet in the Galilee.

  10. 2019

    Exploring Multiculturalism

    Today started off early with a trip to Rambam Hospital in Haifa to do some improv with a couple hospital clowns. Next we went to the Baha'i Gardens overlooking Haifa and had a discussion about religion and it's impact on the world.