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A Quiet Day

POSTED July 31, 2019

Today was a bit of a quiet day. We said goodbye to the Galilee and had a long bus ride to Jerusalem. After relaxing the hotel for a bit, we went out to a nice dinner and journeyed underground into the Kotel Tunnels. Afterwards a few of us stayed to visit the Kotel one last time while most of the group met Dalak’s grandfather, a Holocaust survivor and very cool man.

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Trip Overview

Day 1
Camp Havaya, Poconos

Entering eleventh graders have the incomparable opportunity to spend nearly four weeks climbing, swimming, singing, hiking, learning, and exploring their way through Israel. Participants will experience Shabbat in Jerusalem, see the sunrise over Masada, spend time with their Israeli peers, and discuss the realities of life in contemporary Israel.

Day 2
Welcome to Israel
Day of Travel

After an overnight flight, you will be met at the airport by your guide and the IsraelExperts staff. Start the trip at the Biblical Landscape Park of Neot Kedumim.  Learn about the significant connection between the Bible and the Land of Israel. Then visit the City of David, including Hezekiah’s Water Tunnel, built 2700 years ago to bring water from the Gihon Spring to the city during the Assyrian siege of the city.

Day 3 - 6
Holy to All

Spend time in the Old City of Jerusalem, exploring significant sites that are important to the people of many religions. Tour the Kotel tunnels and explore the vast network of history below and behind the Kotel. Visit the artisan workshops of Yad L’Kashish (Lifeline for the Old) and experience the empowerment of Jerusalem’s elderly community. Explore the Israel Museum, including a visit to the Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls). Plus, dig into Israel…in an actual archeological dig!

Day 7
Flight to the Wilderness
Ein Gedi

Take a hike through the beauty of Ein Gedi. Then you’ll meet with representatives of Blue & White Human Rights, a right‐wing Israeli Palestinian human rights organization, as we continue to experience all types of organizations.

Day 8
The Masada Option

Start the day right by climbing up Masada to take in the sunrise! Then relax in the Dead Sea as you float along and experience word renowned mud. Then we’ll head over to the city of Rahat to visit a Bedouin mosque and learn about the traditions of the community while meeting with Bedouin teens.

Day 9 - 13
Tikkun Olam
Lower Galilee

We’ll take sometime today to repair the world. You’ll help to alleviate the problem of nutritional insecurity amongst Israel’s poor by picking fruits and vegetables with the organization Leket (Tabel to Table). We’ll head towards Tzfat, known as a center for Kabalah (Jewish mysticism) and tour the ancient synagogues and artists’ square where we’ll meet with local artists. We’ll continue to spend our time in the lower Galilee learning about the art of poetry and other religions. While spending our evenings taking a sunset boat ride on the Kinneret one night and drumming together the next.

Day 14 - 15
Coexistence Is Possible
Western Galilee

We’ll be entertained by Moshav Shorashim, a co-existence circus, where Arab and Jewish children perform together in a fun a lively way. We’ll also experience the famous Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and take part in the discussion of this troop also bringing Arab and Jewish performers together. Tefen Industrial Park will be the perfect ending to our day. This park combines local industry, culture, and art, and includes five museums, sculpture gardens, and art galleries. It is certain to be a day full of thought and wonder.

Day 16
Minorities in Israel

Our time in the shoreside city of Haifa will begin with a tour of the Baha’i Shrine and Garden where we’ll learn about this unique religion and how its values are manifested in the gardens. Then we’ll visit the Atlit detainee camp to hear the stories of the ma’apilim, the illegal Jewish immigrants arriving at the shores of Israel during the British Mandate. After all that we’ll visit the Druze village of Ussefia for a tour and dinner.

Day 17 – 20
To Build and Be Built
Tel Aviv

We’ll take a few days to enjoy all that the Tel Aviv area has to offer. Some of the highlights will be taking in the Caesarea, once the Roman capital of the region, spending time with the Ethiopian National Project, visiting Rabin Square, visiting the Tel Aviv Gay Center and meet with a member of the Israeli gay youth movement. We’ll take a moment to hear the story of Independence Hall where David Ben Gurion proclaimed Israel’s Independence in 1948.

Day 21
Ben Gurion, Prophet and Pioneer
Western Negev

Day 22
Tisah be Av

Day 23
Landmarks in the Israeli Narrative
Day of Travel

Day 24
Shabbat at Camp Havaya
Camp Havaya, Poconos P.A.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change due to last minute program availability, security concerns, and other factors as determined by Havaya Summer Programs and their staff, in consultation with IsraelExperts and the Security Department of the SPNI.

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