We started the day at the campgrounds in the desert and had a nice breakfast of bread, cereal, and chocolate spread. We survived the night outdoors and although we were sleep deprived prepared for a full day of traveling. Our first adventure of the day was a camel ride led by by Bedouins. Everyone’s thighs were very sore, but it was so worth it! Then we arrived at Sde Boker to visit the tomb of David Ben Gurion where we learned about his time as Israel’s first prime minister. After, we were all thankful to leave the desert and finally begin our journey north. We visited a kibbutz to explore a coexistence greenhouse project where we met with an Arab businessman talk about social issues and discrimination. To end our day, we met with Ethiopian children and heard a story about a woman’s migration from Ethiopia to Israel. Then we headed to our hotel next to the Sea of Galilee and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together.

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