In the beginning of the day, we walked around on the ramparts surrounding the Armenian Quarter. It was a great sight to see around the city on the rolling hills, as well as seeing the cool gates from the different periods of Jerusalem’s different occupations. There was a bar mitzvah by the last tower we were on which was very cool. The most sababa (awesome) event of the day was meeting with 3 Palestinians and hearing their perspectives on the conflict and having a dialogue based on their comments and experiences on being profiled and having witnessed lots of horrible deadly and non-deadly violence.  Overall it was very informative, touching and emotional. The shwarma in Israel is the best. The best way to take it is with Israeli salad, spicy sauce, hummus, pickles, regular salad, and of course the shwarma, all wraped in lafa (like a large pita). Quite good with a conversation about future careers and other such things. It was a good way to spend lunch. The Israel Musuem  was very interesting. It had the world’s smallest bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, a very large and detailed overhead model of Jerusalem, very cool technology, and artifacts. And quite good air conditioning. We all hung out at the hotel pool and the hot tub. We then went over to dinner, which was delicious with fish and rice, and a large spread of vegetables, and very, very good bread.