Shalom from Jerusalem! We said goodbye to our beautiful hotel and all the adorable cats this morning and drove two hours down to Jerusalem. We gathered at a spot that overlooks the city and said the Shehechiyanu and toasted with grape juice to our first time here (for some) and our first time here all together for all. We headed over to Mahane Yehuda Market for a pizur lunch and a little bit of shopping. It was a favorite experience for everyone, especially those of us who hadn’t been there before. Lots of snacks, cold treats, and rugelach were purchased and enjoyed. After lunch, we settled into our new hotel and got ready for The Big Tent Event, an event put on by RootOne for all of the teen summer programs get together in one location. Many teens ran into friends (and some family too!) they knew from home and it was a blast to see the 4,000 teens all getting to experience Israel this summer. We watched Netta (the 2018 Eurovision winner!) perform and danced our hearts out! It was hot and the mosquitoes were not holding back but everyone stuck it out and embodied Howie Bee!

Until tomorrow,

Havaya Israel 2023