We started off our day at Mount Herzl, Israel’s national cemetery. We saw Theodor Hertzl’s grave and used it as an opportunity to teach the group about early Zionism. Our tour guide discussed Yitzach Rabin’s assassination, and Golda Meir’s impressive leadership. We went to the top of the mountain to where more recent graves of IDF soldiers are, and the experience was really meaningful.

For lunch, we went to Shalva, a center for disabled/special needs children, for lunch. There, we met the new Israelis who will be joining our trip for the remainder of our time here! They all are high schoolers from Haifa and we’re excited for them to join our group! After lunch, we went to the house of a Holocaust survivor named Rena. She told us her journey and made the joy and happiness that she found after the war a highlight. We went back to the hotel for dinner and then toured a Haredi neighborhood near the Shuk in Jerusalem.

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Havaya Israel 2023