The unusual weather was a challenge today,
but we managed to beat the heat! Instead of biking around the city as we originally planned, we explored the history of Rothschild avenue. After a walk to the market for chachkis
and lunch, we went on a tour of the beautiful graffiti of Florentin, and the LGBTQIA+ community in Tel Aviv. We then walked back to the hotel for some much-needed R&R. Later in the day, we walked to the Battae Ethiopian Israeli
heritage center. Once there, we heard Ashager Araro, an activist and Ethiopian Israeli, tell us about the history, courage and perseverance of Ethiopian Jews. We also ate Ethiopian food and learned Ethiopian cultural dances. We returned to the hotel just in time to watch the PSG vs FC Nantes game that was happening on the stadium just feet from our hotel! It was so cool to be able to hear the stadium’s cheers as Messi and the rest of PSG kept scoring. Looking forward to another amazing day Monday!

Until tomorrow,

Havaya Israel 2022

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