Today we started our day with a walking tour of Jaffa. We learned about the history here as well as seeing a beautiful lookout over old Jaffa as well as Tel Aviv. Everyone then got a chance to gain a little more rest before getting back together to have our final Shabbat services! Our amazing counselors then surprised us with some ice cream to finish up services and help us cool off from the heat. After a little free time at the hotel, the group got on the way to the beach where we all got to swim, make sandcastles, body surf and play football and ultimate frisbee. After showering off the ocean water we gathered outside for havdallah, and then walked back over to the flea market from yesterday’s lunch. While at the flea market, we got some delicious food, a chance to go shopping, and even danced in the streets! Some hiccups with the elevator at the hotel delayed a few people’s rest but eventually were all happy to see our rooms again.

Until tomorrow,

Havaya Israel 2022

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