What a fun and busy day we had! After devouring breakfast (#1) at the Kibbutz, we drove to Mt. Carmel to meet up with Arab Israeli teens for an activity-filled day. We were welcomed with an opening ceremony consisting of a customary flag raising and traditional Arab dance, followed by breakfast #2, a hearty crepe filled with either chocolate spread or labneh. The crepes were MASSIVE, but that didn’t stop us from devouring couple while mingling with the Arab teens. Two of our favorite activities were repelling off of Mt. Carmel while looking at the beautiful view, and having a traditional Arab wedding with traditional outfits, dancing, and even a fresh shave for the groom! We had some discussions around our own traditions and how they are both similar and different from our Arab peers. Nearing the end of our visit, we rejoiced in a couple songs, Wavin’ Flag and “Kum Ba Yah” being some favorites. A well awaited air-conditioned bus ride on the way to have a traditional Druze dinner and learn about their culture was much appreciated by everyone on this hot day. Through some valid grub and a hearty informational session, learning about a culture new to us all, we were ready to pass out. On the bumpy ride home, the group partook in some electric aseyfah and even our bus driver got into it (while making sure we got back safely as always). Approaching bedtime, we relaxed on the Kibbutz, catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a while and are looking forward to a fun day tomorrow!

Signing Off,

Leo N., Zane, Evan, and the rest of Havaya Israel 2023