After an early breakfast at the hotel, we boarded the tour bus for a drive to the very hot (106°) Golan Heights. There, excitedly, we got a great view of Mount Hermon and a distant Syria from on top of a former bunker and learned about the relationship between Israel and Syria throughout history. We had the opportunity to climb through the old bunker and discuss current implication of borders. We then took a lovely stroll through Tel Dan National Park and saw the breathtaking view from Mount Ben Tal, playing a fun group game at the top and dipping our feet in a nice cool pond. After that, we made a pit stop at a nearby plaza to enjoy a pizur lunch, which offered a variety of lunch options and an escape from the heat. Many on our trip enjoyed Aroma for the first time! Feeling refreshed, we drove to Abukayak. Everyone had a blast rafting and swimming (and partaking in many more shenanigans) in the Jordan River. After a stop at the supermarket for snacks to eat on Shabbat, we arrived back at hotel, where we showered and had dinner.

Until tomorrow!

Havaya Israel 2023