After a wild start, No’ar Hadash arrived in Israel safely meeting with our awesome Israeli guide Anat and medic Shai. Tired and bleary eyed, we took the day head on heading from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. Along the way we stopped at Ne’ot Kedumim biblical nature park to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as trying our hand at herding sheep, drawing water from a cistern and crushing hysop using a mortar and pestle. We learned about what makes a good leader by taking ideas from the bible and applying them to ideas of modern community. We had lunch and then finished the trip to Jerusalem.  
Herding sheep at Ne'ot Kedumim

“Herding sheep at Ne’ot Kedumim”

We fought against nodding off to sleep as we took in the city of Jerusalem from afar. We talked about the various perspectives of Jerusalem as we said shehechianu together.
Jerusalem from the Promenade

“Jerusalem from the Promenade”

We then trekked through Hezekiah’s Tunnels, following each other in the dark, and wading through the once primary water source of ancient Jerusalem. DSCF6711 We happily arrived at the hotel and joined together for a short swim and dinner. We had one last meeting together, before everyone made their way to bed.  We have a busy day tomorrow, with an early wake up in the morning. Best Regards from Israel, No’ar Hadash Israel Experience

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