This morning we woke up to freshly-made pancakes from the kibbutz. Man, were they delicious!. After breakfast, we spent time with one of the original members of the kibbutz and learned about the different committees (i.e. environment) and the general assembly that make important policies and decisions on behalf of the entire kibbutz. We split into groups and dove into real issues that occurred either at this kibbutz or at a neighboring one. After deciding what we would do in our individual committees, we brought it to our own Asefa (general assembly) and discussed what we would do to solve each predicament. It was a great experience and enlightened us to the behind-the-scenes of such a unique and efficient community. Then it was time to go south to Eilat and spend time on the beach. Our guide Nimi (short for Nimrod) got us nine pairs of snorkeling goggles and we all shared in the magical experience of swimming with schools of colorful fish. It was over 100° and we were pooped, but our Nimi knew the cure to our tiredness: the world’s finest ice cream and dairy. We hopped in the bus and made our way to the Kibbutz Yotvata for ice cream and chocolate milk. No words can describe the taste. IMG_6528 We were cooled down now, but still pretty tired. We took an hour to rest our weary eyes, but the fun wasn’t over yet. It was time to get back onto the bus and go to, quite literally, the middle of nowhere in the desert. We walked amongst rocky terrain, until we found them. Sand dunes, as big as mountains, that go on as far as the eye can see. We sat on the cool, smooth sand and talked about the desert and Israel itself. We wrestled and rolled amongst the dunes for an hour and worked up quite an appetite. We sat down with people from the kibbutz and made our own pitas and cooked them, making our own wrappings for falafel. IMG_6532 Now that it was dark and we had sand everywhere (literally everywhere), we got back onto the bus and headed home to shower off. Laila Tov No’ar Hadash!  

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