In order to beat the heat, No’ar Hadash started the day off early, trekking down Mount Arbel. Not only did we climb, hike, and sing through this famous site of Crusaders and Muslims fighting, but of course danced. This path may have been tough on the knees, but even more on the heart, as there was a steep and sketchy decline with just a rope to hold onto — a great challenge to those scared of heights. At the end of the hike, we were welcomed by a wandering cow to a fresh spring, where we washed and refreshed. IMG_6814 From here, No’ar Hadash rode the bus to Tzfat, a gorgeous holy city. After a fable explaining the origins of Kabbalah, we not only visited a Sephardic synagogue but also a pathway where an old lady waited every day with wine and cookies for the messiah. From here, we explored the unique galleries of Tzfat. Almost everyone bought something — varying from rings, to paintings, to necklaces to exquisite Lebanese cuisine! Overall it was a great cultural experience with many opportunities to improve our haggling skills. IMG_6810 To continue this wondrous day, the whole crew drove over to the Jordan River to try our skills in rafting. Round trip it was an hour and a half full of splashing, swimming, and you guessed it, more singing! This opportunity could be taken as a relaxing flow down the stream, or as an adventure, with even some rope swings. Getting back on the bus, everyone realized how tired we were, and we were happy to be heading back to the hotel. After taking showers, we all enjoyed a lovely dinner. (This has been some of the best hotel food yet!) Nonetheless, after dinner we had a unique activity — IDF training with our very own tour guide, Nimi! He scared us briefly, but thankfully we all got washboard abs within the 20 minutes. Afterwords we played an intricate game of capture the flag, and even classic hide and seek. To end the day, we celebrated Elena’s 17th birthday with a mini party and Reese’s themed snacks! All in all, an exhilarating day, full of lovely views and yummy foods 🙂   IMG_6829

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