Happy August 2nd! After packing up and leaving our hotel in Tiberias, we headed to Naharayim on the Jordanian border. We learned how the hydro-electric power plant functioned before the Independence War, and about the man who envisioned it all. While there, we learned about the Kibbutz’s struggles in the War of Independence. We then headed to a natural spring which was a lovely refresher from the heat. IMG_6894 After swimming and lunch, we got back on the bus and headed to the town of Beit She’an. There we meet with a group of Ethiopian teen through an organization whose goal is to integrate them into Israeli society. We did multiple activities and heard an empowering Aliyah story of one of the group leaders. IMG_6907 After that moving experience, we headed to our bus driver Issa’s house. We met his lovely family and had some delicious homemade food. After a full day, we headed back to Jerusalem to finish up our trip. Once settled into the hotel, a speaker came to talk about the history of Israel’s changing borders. Sadly the trip is coming to an end but we will continue to keep you posted. IMG_6927

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