On Thursday morning, we started off our day with a beautiful hike down into a valley with a natural spring at the bottom. With joy from the hike being over, we jumped into the spring, some of us accidentally bringing our phones into the water with us, and enjoyed some fish nibbling the dead skin off our feet. And suddenly we realized that we had to hike back up the mountain. Although the entirely uphill hike back to the top was excruciatingly difficult, everyone made it! We then traveled (by bus, thankfully) to a cliff side grotto where we saw a stunning overlook and walked through some natural water tunnels. Afterwards, Igor (our driver) graciously took us to a Druze community. With an organization named Yahel, we spoke with representatives of the Druze community, learned about their culture, and got to meet some of the 16-year-olds who lived in the village. After a long day, we went back to the kibbutz and had a well-earned rest. Friday morning, we packed our things and traveled to another Druze village where we met a woman named Margalit and learned about her family; it turns out she’s the last living descendant of the Jewish community who first settled there. To our immense relief, we then visited Booza, an ice cream boutique where we had the chance to taste the delicious ice cream while walking through the factory in which it was made. For lunch, we went to a small shopping center; most of us had delicious meals while others got haircuts… After spending some free time at the strip mall, we checked in to our hotel in Tiberias. We had Shabbat services outside in which we sang and danced to the songs that everyone at Camp would be singing and dancing to just a few hours later. Later that night, we had an oneg (celebration) where we danced and sang and ate. The next morning, we had more services singing traditional Camp tunes. Afterwards, we relaxed at the pool and hot tub areas with each other, swimming and hanging out. Tonight, we will embark on a boat ride on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) after we debrief about our experiences in the three weeks that we have spent here so far. We are excited to spend this last, bittersweet week together and to see what the future of Israel has in store for us!

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