We woke up and went to breakfast at 8 in the morning at the hotel. We then boarded the bus and made our way to a lookout point over the Old City and greater Jerusalem. After looking out at the city, we heard some music and ended up joining an impromptu Zumba class, before we sat down for a discussion on the Israel/Palestine conflict. We learned the history of the issue and discussed the different points of view. Then we got back on the bus and headed to the shuk for lunch and shopping. It was pretty hectic. Our next activity was a hike to a spring at Sataf, where we crawled through a tunnel and jumped into the water. After driving back, we all got ready for Shabbat and headed to First Station to wander around. Some of the group had waffles which they decided were the best in the world. We returned to the hotel for Shabbat dinner and some prayers, and then a brief dance party with the Shabbat dances from camp before bed. Shabbat Shalom! – Marina M.

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