Today we learned about other cultures and viewpoints in Jerusalem. We began with a presentation about Christianity and the many denominations present in Jerusalem. We then set out to the Old City. At first we were in the Christian Quarter, where we visited the most holy church in Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We then went to the Muslim quarter, where we shopped at a street market. After lunch, we took a break and swam in the hotel pool. We then watched a panel of four  Jewish people who represented different sects of Judaism in Israel. They presented a lot of different viewpoints, some of which were eye opening and showed us how much diversity there is on issues of religion in Israeli society. Several of their views were extreme. Some of us were angry, other were just upset, but all of it was still very interesting, and reminded us to always keep an open mind. Afterwards we went to dinner on Ben Yehuda Street, and returned to the hotel after a tiring day. – Jonathan G.

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