1. Last Day in Jerusalem

    Today was our final day in Israel. We ended up hearing different perspectives before we left. First we heard a presentation by Women of the Wall, who advocate for women to have the same rights as men at the Western Wall.

  2. A Powerful Day

    Today we had one the heavier days of our trip. It started off normal enough with us getting up and making a stop at the Knesset building to learn about the legislative process in Israel, and take a look at some of the artwork of the building. We were also able to sit in the area usually reserved for guests of honor in the Knesset chamber (it was not in session) and we then went to a committee room to learn exactly how a bill becomes a law in Israel.

  3. Israel Museum

    Today we started off our day going to a natural water spring, called the Sachne, as our last activity in the north. We got to get some time to relax and jump in the refreshing water on what was shaping up to be an extremely hot day. After three hours we all got back on the bus and headed to Jerusalem where we had a quick visit of the Israel Museum. There we saw a replica of Jerusalem during the times of the Second Temple and some of the Dead Sea scrolls. To finish off the day we had a fun shopping night at the Mamilla Mall.

  4. Making Chocolate and Rafting the Jordan River

    Today we started our day by going to a chocolate factory, De Karina. There we saw the process of how they made the chocolate by hand. Then we got to make chocolate bars for ourselves that were delicious.

  5. Meditation and Ice Cream

    On Saturday, we all had a great and relaxing Shabbat, which ended in a very fun and rhythmic drum circle. We started Sunday off by walking around the city of Tzfat, and learning about how Jewish mysticism developed there. We got to experience the vibe of the city ourselves by doing some meditative exercises.

  6. Druze Youth and Exploring Akko

    Today we woke up at Hotel Theodor, ate breakfast and prepared to leave driving further north. We went on a short hike to the Keshet Cave, a beautiful natural phenomenon where a giant hole has been carved into the rock of the mountain. In addition, we could see all the way back to Haifa from our lookout.

  7. Haifa and the North

    Shalom from Haifa! We started our day with yoga on the beach. Afterwards we had extra time to relax and swim in the sea; the current was very strong and there were many rocks, but we still had a great time in the water. Then we drove to a lookout over Haifa to see the Baha’i Gardens and other parts of the beautiful city. The Gardens were structured on a downward slope of a mountain. The view was incredible and we could see the sea, along with many houses and buildings built by Europeans.

  8. Graffiti and Surfing

    We woke up to an amazing breakfast at the hotel, Dan Parnorama, we are staying at. At 8:30, we left to go on an hour long graffiti tour around Tel Aviv. At the end, we all had a blast practicing our different graffiti techniques. After, we went to a Children's Museum. There, we went to the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibit. In the exhibit, we went through rooms in total darkness, using our other senses to experience what blindness would feel like. We were in there for seventy five minutes, but it only felt like fifteen! The guides for the exhibit were all blind or visually impaired and we were able to learn about their experiences navigating the world.

  9. A Day in Tel Aviv

    Hello from Tel Aviv! Today we woke up at 6:30 to have breakfast at 7 and leave at 8. We started out on a secret spy mission on the streets of Tel Aviv. The spy mission was well run and random civilians popped out and turned out to be a part of the scavenger hunt. It was overall an amazing time and there were lots of drinks provided along the way. After that we visited the Carmel Shuk and bought gifts for our families, and food.