Shalom from Haifa! Our day started out with waking up early and driving from Tel Aviv to Caesaria, an ancient port city that played an important role during the Roman and Ottoman eras as a trade destination. The ruins featured a giant amphitheater, remnants of a sea port, a chariot racetrack/gladiator arena, and the old base of a palace. These all gave us a glimpse into the past and what this city was like. After that, we drove to a kibbutz called Givat Haviva where we had an interesting conversation with a peace worker about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She talked to us about how it started and gave us context to the situation by giving us maps of Israel to illustrate borders and distances. We finished at the kibbutz with lunch in the cafeteria. After lunch, we toured the Nili Museum and watched a short video about a Jewish spy during WW1, who delivered secret messages about the Ottoman Empire to the British. Afterwards, we drove to an old detention camp for Jews, where we were told about what happened to illegal immigrants coming to Israel, prior to 1948. We watched a short video that described the realities of illegally sailing to Israel while it was still controlled by the British.   For dinner, we visited a Druze village on top of Carmel Mountain. Our host explained to us the basis of his religion, then gave us a home-cooked meal. We finished the night in our hotel in Haifa, where we will be staying for the next two nights. Today was a long and intellectually invigorating day, and we can’t wait for tomorrow! – Caleb B.

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