We woke up to an amazing breakfast at the hotel, Dan Parnorama, we are staying at. At 8:30, we left to go on an hour long graffiti tour around Tel Aviv. At the end, we all had a blast practicing our different graffiti techniques. After, we went to a Children’s Museum. There, we went to the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibit. In the exhibit, we went through rooms in total darkness, using our other senses to experience what blindness would feel like. We were in there for seventy five minutes, but it only felt like fifteen! The guides for the exhibit were all blind or visually impaired and we were able to learn about their experiences navigating the world. For lunch, we went to the mall and shopped around. We changed into our bathing suits and quickly got ready for surfing! We first practiced on the beach and then headed to the water to test our skills. We’re all professionals surfers now (not). We went back to the hotel and took very quick showers to get to dinner on time. After dinner, we met with a leader of Israel Gay Youth to learn about LGBTQ+ community in Israel. All and all this day was pretty hectic, but despite the craziness we had a wonderful day! – Dana O. & Geena S.

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