Shalom from Haifa! We started our day with yoga on the beach. Afterwards we had extra time to relax and swim in the sea; the current was very strong and there were many rocks, but we still had a great time in the water. Then we drove to a lookout over Haifa to see the Baha’i Gardens and other parts of the beautiful city. The Gardens were structured on a downward slope of a mountain. The view was incredible and we could see the sea, along with many houses and buildings built by Europeans. Next we drove an hour for a home cooked meal at a northern Bedouin village. There we spoke with a former chief of the village and learned about the history of the Bedouin people and where we were. He also shared with us his journey and struggles conveying to permanent housing. Later we went to Shefaram, a mixed Muslim and Christian city in the north. A Christian woman and a Muslim man showed us around the city. After stopping at an Arab bakery for kanafe and at an ice cream shop, we had a tour of the city’s old synagogue and church. We also learned about the Muslim religion and their cultures and customs, although we did not go inside the mosque. Tomorrow we will leave Haifa as we continue to have a great trip! – Emma McW.

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