Today we woke up at Hotel Theodor, ate breakfast and prepared to leave driving further north. We went on a short hike to the Keshet Cave, a beautiful natural phenomenon where a giant hole has been carved into the rock of the mountain. In addition, we could see all the way back to Haifa from our lookout. After that we drove to a Druze village called Julis and spent a few hours learning about and hanging out with Druze youth. They are volunteers from a group called Horizons of the Future which is trying to advocate for the Druze community and give them more voice in Israeli society. It was really cool to be able to just talk to some kids our age about their lives and religion and recognize all of the similarities, as well as the differences, with our lives. After lunch, we entered the Akko old city which is very interesting because it has both an above ground city but also an almost completely intact underground city built by the Crusaders. After marveling at the underground city, we got some time to go to the shuk before Shabbat. Apparently Akko is known by Israelis to have really good hummus but unfortunately we were unable to hunt any down. Right before we left Akko we were able to go to the wall of the old city and look over to see the beautiful Mediterranean beyond and Haifa in the distance. After an hour drive we arrived at Kibbutz Degania and prepared for Shabbat. All of us are little bit sad that this will be our last Shabbat in Israel. – Abby E.

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