We began our mellow Saturday very well rested from a long nights sleep. Other than relaxing by the pool, playing sports, and taking lots of naps, as a group we learned about common problems that kibbutzim may face. We explored environment, youth education, and financial dilemmas, and we problem solved to discover solutions to real issues. We ended the day with havdalah, and woke up bright and early on Sunday for our long drive to Tel Aviv from Eilat. We stopped in the mixed Jewish/Arab village of Neve Shalom. It’s a unique community that intentionally is trying to create dialogue and co-existence in Israel. They also created the first school with bilingual instruction in Arabic and Hebrew, and this idea has now spread around the country. When we arrived in Tel Aviv, we stopped for some ice cream and visited Independence Hall, where Israel was declared an independent Jewish state. Then we made our way to our luxurious hotel, and after dinner, toured through the old city of Tel Aviv. In Jaffa we explored different shops and beautiful sights along the famous Tel Aviv beach. Today was yet another exciting and beautiful day and we can’t wait to explore more in this city tomorrow. – Josie H.

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