After a very rainy morning in the Poconos, we all made it to JFK Airport and onto the plane. The flight was wholly uneventful, but when we arrived in Tel Aviv we got to meet our Israeli staff and visit Neot Kedumim, a biblical nature preserve featuring over 100 species of plants that were all mentioned in the bible. Joanna, our guide at the preserve, showed us how to open almonds and introduced us to two other edible plants in the area.

We also got to experience what it was like to be a shepherd as we attempted to move several sheep and goats from one side of a clearing to another. #sheepsquad #goatgang

After lunch and ice cream, we went to Canada Park to do some team building. After showing off our team work abilities, we got the go ahead to drive to our hotel. After dinner we went over our plan for tomorrow, which includes visiting the Kotel and seeing the sights in Jerusalem.

Until next time….

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