We began this week with an exciting graffiti tour in Tel Aviv. It turned out that our tour guide was actually a graffiti artist himself (@artbyalef). Then we explored the history of the peace process in Israel at the Rabin Center.

Monday morning involved a secret activity that shall not be discussed. In the afternoon we experienced what life is like for the blind at Dialogue in the Dark and went surfing off the Tel Aviv coast.

After leaving Tel Aviv, we explored the ancient Roman city of Caesarea and practiced the ancient art of foot-racing. We also talked with two Arab Israelis about their experiences living as minorities.

Wednesday we learned about improv from hospital clowns and visited the beautiful Baha’i Gardens. In the evening we visited the town of Shefaram and spoke with someone who had lived there since before Israeli statehood. We finished with an authentic Druze dinner while learning about the Druze religion.

Yesterday we experienced what life might be like with physical disabilities, including hiking in a wheel chair. We bonded with Arab teens in the afternoon through games and cooking dinner together.

Today we discovered an ancient knife at Korazin and went on a water hike. In the evening we arrived at kibbutz Degania Bet, the home of an old Camp Havaya Rosh Mayim, Ruvik. We had an authentic camp shabbat (including a story from Rabbi Isaac) and Shabbat Rikkud. We’re looking forward to our last week in Israel and we look forward to spending next Shabbat with you.

Signing off from BonTour bus 688, Shabbat Shalom!

— Alexia, Gruhn, and Elijah

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