We started the day by entering the old city through King David’s tomb, which is the location of the last supper. We then walked through the Jewish and Christian quarters before arriving at the  Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We took a tour of the church and went inside Jesus’ tomb! We also met a lovely singing woman who we instantly fell in love with and we will never forget. We then visited the Kotel, where we were able to pray alongside hundreds of people and partake in a tradition that has been a part of Judaism for thousands of years.

We then went on a tour of the tunnels underneath the city. We learned all about the first and second temples and the strategies surrounding defending against  sieges. We watched a 3-D movie experience about the growth of the City of David and then we descended the stairs into the water flooded tunnels. The tunnels were as small as 60 CM at some points! We sang songs, ran through the tunnels, and swam in the pool at the end of our water hike. We then had to walk back through the sewer pipes, voted our least favorite part of the day.

We then drove to Ben Yehuda St. and split up for dinner and chilling out after our spiritual experience in the old city. After getting back to the hotel and refreshing after a long day, we played a few camp games together and reviewed the highlights and lowlights of our day!

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