1. Last night in Israel

    We had a late last night for us (that’s why this is posted a tad late) we started our day with our final breakfast at the kibbutz. We all gathered by the bus and got in a circle to wish the best bus driver Happy Birthday. We did it camp style and Yossi was so overjoyed.  We then loaded everything on the bus to start our journey towards Jerusalem where is all began.

  2. A day of conversation

    We started the day with a typical breakfast, we left from Kibbutz Gadot and headed to an ecological village called Klil. We had delicious smoothies and learned about composting and how to slow down global warming.

  3. A day of teamwork

    We started the day off with our usual early breakfast in the kibbutz. Then we headed on the bus to go to a puzzle room in Tzfat. There, we had to prove that a man named Jonathan had rightful ownership of his apartment. We were successful and completed all 10 clues of the puzzle. 

  4. Rafting day

    We started our day with breakfast at the kibbutz and then got on the bus. We went to the overlook of the Sea of Galilee and took some photos. We did a fun activity to express the main water sources in Israel. Then we went to the overlook of Mount Betal and learned about the Syrian/Israeli relations. We then ate lunch, which was a choice between a burger place and an Asian place. We all loved it and we’re so full afterwards.

  5. A relaxing day

    We started our Shabbat off with an optional breakfast and a mandatory morning service. Thanks to Gabe Segar he recorded himself singing and playing the guitar to all the tunes. We all loved getting to sing and stumble through our favorite camp tunes. Our 2 friends Gili and Phoenix  even taught us two new songs.

  6. Our final Friday night

    This morning, we all got up extremely early to get ready for an archeological dig! It took up most of our morning and we found some awesome things, including coins and the handle of a pot. We wrapped our morning/early noon with a schnitzel sandwich  picnic  lunch.

  7. The views

    We left Haifa early this morning to head to the ancient Crusader city of Akko where we saw both crusader and Ottoman architecture. We walked through the crusader fortress, crawled through tunnels, and climbed to the top of the city walls. We then had lunch and shopping time in the market before we left the old city.

  8. Good food day

    This morning, we took a trip to Beit Gefen, an organization in Haifa that explores Arab-Jewish relations in Israel. We talked about their art installments and then went on a food tasting tour. We were so stuffed by the end we barely had room for dessert! (Barely…)

  9. Last day with the Israelis

    We started the day with an early hotel breakfast. First stop was the graffiti tour. We walked around all of Tel Aviv and saw beautiful pieces of art. The kids found meaning in the works and even got an icecream stop.

  10. Last full day in Tel Aviv

    We started the morning off with a nice hotel breakfast and then for our surprise activity. It was an interactive city-wide scavenger hunt that we all couldn’t get enough of! We loved interacting with the undercover actors and eventually finding the “killer” that turned out to be one of our very own Israelis.