This morning, we all got up extremely early to get ready for an archeological dig! It took up most of our morning and we found some awesome things, including coins and the handle of a pot. We wrapped our morning/early noon with a schnitzel sandwich  picnic  lunch.

After lunch, we returned to the kibbutz for a relaxing second half of the day! We swam, played frisbee and got ready for our last Shabbat in Israel! We had a lovely camp style Kabbalat Shabbat on the lawn in front of our rooms! We said Kiddush and Motzi before we ate a delicious dinner. We then did a camp style Birkhat Hamazon, followed by some Rikud and Shira and a calm Shabbas night! Up until some of us decided to play an intense 4v4 soccer game. We’re looking forward to a relaxing Shabbat day tomorrow and a great last week ahead.

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