We started the day off with our usual early breakfast in the kibbutz. Then we headed on the bus to go to a puzzle room in Tzfat. There, we had to prove that a man named Jonathan had rightful ownership of his apartment. We were successful and completed all 10 clues of the puzzle. 

Our next activity was at Kibbutz Sasa to visit their ice cream factory. Their ice cream was thick and very delicious. We all got to choose two scoops from a variety of flavours. Next, at the same kibbutz, we had an improv workshop. Our group had a fun time dancing and acting to our heart’s content.

Finally, as our last activity of the day, we had an evening boat ride at the Sea of Galilee accompanied by music. With our own personal dj Isaac. Not only was the view stunning, but we had a fun time dancing to familiar tunes on the boat before returning to shore. We ended our evening with dinner at the kibbutz which was delicious as usual.

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