We started our day with breakfast at the kibbutz and then got on the bus. We went to the overlook of the Sea of Galilee and took some photos. We did a fun activity to express the main water sources in Israel. Then we went to the overlook of Mount Betal and learned about the Syrian/Israeli relations. We then ate lunch, which was a choice between a burger place and an Asian place. We all loved it and we’re so full afterwards.

Which was just great since we then went to the river and went rafting. We had 4 boats or 5 people and it was a lot of fun. There was some intense racing going on but it was all playful and a great workouts A couple people fell out of their rafts, but it was so much fun to splash around in the river.

We ended our day with dinner at the kibbutz and an Israel version of Shabbat Unplugged a day late. We had a handful of acts and everyone really supported each other and it was a great end to an amazing day. It’s sad to think the trip is slowly coming to an end but we’ve all made amazing memories that will last a life time. And we will never forget all the cute cats we’ve seen especially one we named Shadow at the Kibbutz.

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