This morning, we took a trip to Beit Gefen, an organization in Haifa that explores Arab-Jewish relations in Israel. We talked about their art installments and then went on a food tasting tour. We were so stuffed by the end we barely had room for dessert! (Barely…)

We then went to a scenic lookout over the top of Haifa before heading to our hike. We took pictures and really just took in the view of the beautiful city. At our hike, we got to walk over a swinging bridge which was as amazing as it was terrifying!

We then headed to dinner at a Druze village called Isfia where we learned as much as we could about the secret religion before eating the most amazing food. We arrived back to the hotel and played some evening basketball. It was funny we were playing in the dark with a small light and then another group came and flipped a switch and all the lights came on, we all laughed and kept playing. Then to the rooms where we headed to bed after our long day.

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