We had a late last night for us (that’s why this is posted a tad late) we started our day with our final breakfast at the kibbutz. We all gathered by the bus and got in a circle to wish the best bus driver Happy Birthday. We did it camp style and Yossi was so overjoyed.  We then loaded everything on the bus to start our journey towards Jerusalem where is all began.

Our first stop was a water activity, basically 3 natural pools, with refreshing cool water. We enjoyed a nice picnic style lunch with either a hamburger, schnitzel, or sausage. Then we had out long bus ride but luckily had a snack/coffee and bathroom break in the middle. We arrived to Prima Park in Jerusalem and some of us just had instant dejavú especially with us rooming on the same floor as the first week! We enjoyed one last hotel dinner and headed out to the Kotel Tunnels. With such an amazing tour guide Yossi (an amazing name) it was a real meaningful and cool experience.

We arrived to the hotel and it was already late but we had to do some last night activities. Started with paper plate awards, and ended with warm and fuzzies. We all wrote nice notes to each other but we won’t be getting our envelope with them until the airport and we’re on our separate ways. Eventually after all that the PCR guy came and we all were able to get tested. We have a full day of schedule today so the trips not quite over but you could say there have been a handful of tears already. Truly for us all this has been such an amazing experience and we’re sad it has to come to an end. We’ll have one more blog for you all to come!

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