We finally made it to Jerusalem after a long ten hour flight! We passed our multitude of COVID tests and had an amazing dinner at the hotel. We then woke up and played some super fun team-bonding games in Sataf. We solved puzzles, learned to communicate, and grew together as a team. After a delicious lunch of pizza, salad, and Israeli cola, we went on a hike. We learned about the Israeli geography and everywhere we will be going and looked out over the scenic Jerusalem mountains. We then took a dip in an underground spring and a couple of us even explored the dark tunnels that went through the mountains. We then went to a scenic lookout over Jerusalem and said the Shehecheyanu with a grape juice toast. We came back to the hotel to freshen up and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with a three layer cake for dessert. We then played cards and hung out until we were ready to go to sleep in preparation for our big day tomorrow. #rootonetrips #periolouslyperched #growingtogether #havayaisrael2021

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