We left early in the morning from Jerusalem going due south to the Negev desert. There we toured Masada, a mountain with a long history of Jewish bravery and perseverance. After descending Masada and leaving the beautiful views at 1500 ft we drove to lunch at a tourist town right next to the Dead Sea. Bathing suits on and sneakers off, the campers entered the Dead Sea. Next stop was a short walk to a freshwater stream to play some trivia about the Dead Sea and clean off the excess salt. The bus then took us to ride camels in the desert! Kids had a blast with the camels and their funny snorts. Kids settled into the beduin tents and continued to socialize with each other despite the intense desert heat and the length of the day. After learning the culture and daily life from a Beduin women the kids then ate a Beduin meal buffet style. With bellies full and as day turned into night the campers settled into their designated area with a roaring bonfire and some late night music before getting some needed sleep under the stars.

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