After waking up from the early morning calls of the peacocks from within the Bedouin tents, we ate a classic Bedouin breakfast. Once breakfast was over the kids boarded the bus to go to Be’er Sheva, one of the first cities fought over during WW1. The British fought the Ottoman Empire and won thus creating the British Mandate.

Once again the bus took the kids across scenic desert views farther west in the Negev getting close to Gaza. In that area the kids ate salad lunch and schnitzel/meatball sandwiches on a farm created from scratch by one man. The kids then participated in numerous activities including a maze, taste testing tomatoes as well as hot chilies, and watching the farmer’s dog do some tricks.

Back on the bus for the 3rd time we arrived at a blacksmiths warehouse whose name was Bob and has won numerous awards by many famous individuals including former President Obama and other international government officials. Bob showed the kids how he uses his unique talent of metalworking to volunteer around Israel and other countries. Bob uses metal from bombs, rockets and debris that fall to create symbols of peace.

Last bus ride of the day took us to the hostel where the kids settled in nicely, (finally got to shower after our stay in the Bedouin tents) and explored the stunning canyon view behind the hostel. Night descended on another beautiful night in the Negev desert.

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