Today has officially brought to an end our first week on the ground in Israel! We started the day as late as we could with a group breakfast at Ohalo which was accompanied by a quick food nap before we headed into the Beit Tefilah for a classic Saturday morning camp service. Singing together brought us right back to what it felt like to sit next the each other at camp on Shabbat mornings. Some of us stuck around for a conversation about the parshat for the week and how it all tied into what we had been learning about Israel throughout our travels so far. A wonderful lunch, and a little more singing, lead us into some afternoon free time before we all headed into the local neighborhood to visit one of the teens’, Tom’s, family! Her parents and 3 younger siblings welcomed us into their home for snacks and a quick explanation about how their family ended up in the area. Some weightlifting, ping pong, and Shesh Besh later, we headed back down the hill for dinner at Ohalo. Everyone gathered afterwards for a sunset Havdallah service seaside and plenty of loud singing after. Now, we are headed to bed and packing up as we prepare to move down to Jerusalem for the following week!

Until tomorrow,
Havaya Israel 2022

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