Today began our southern swing through Israel! We packed the bus nice and early to head Southwest to a kibbutz just a mile from the Gaza border. Along the way, Barak explained the complexity of the situation with in the territory and how the communities surrounding it in Israel have been able to stay safe and grow over the years. Our kibbutz tour was followed by a look out point which gave us a better view at the whole of Gaza, only 10 miles long from top to bottom. After a heavy morning, everyone got the chance to decompress as we grabbed lunch on the streets of Sderot. Lunch gave way to a very fun afternoon beginning with a tour of the ”Salad Trail”; a Moshav in the desert which finds a way to grow countless types of vegetables and fruits despite the heat and lack of water. We tried some really hot peppers, various tomato types, and some funky colored carrots. The day ended with us getting the chance to surf down a sand dune! The group surfed, rolled, sledded, and ultimately fell down the soft sandy dunes for a couple hours while we waited for the dinner to finish on the fire. Finally, we packed up the bus again to make it over to our next stay in Mitzpeh Ramon. All have settled in now for a much needed night of rest, so we will update you all again tomorrow!

Until tomorrow,

Havaya Israel 2022

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