Today began a little different than we had anticipated due to the heat. Instead of the planned kite flying, we started by going on a safari, and we were lucky enough to see some rare animals like ostriches, rams, and gazelles. On our way to our next activity we took a pit stop at Yotveta for a yummy ice-cream snack. Then we countined by going to Kibbutz Yotan and learned about the environment of the desert and how this kibbutz has been able to grow food and sustain itself in such harsh conditions. The group finished up at Lotan with a delicious home made pizza lunch! Then we headed to snorkeling where we saw some amazing fish and coral reefs! To end our day, we had dinner and shopping time at the board walk as well as a birthday celebration for Chelsea’s 17th!

Until tomorrow,

Havaya Israel 2022

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