We started the day off with an early breakfast in preparation for our packed day! First, we took a trip to Mount Hertzl to see the grave of Theodore Hertzl and we also stopped by a number of memorials. We stopped to pay special respects to the Jewish soldiers who fought in World War 2 in Germany.

We then walked to Yad Vashem where we started our tour of the museum. While it was an incredibly difficult moment for many of us, we were all especially affected by the children’s memorial. After saying goodbye to our tour guide, we had a quick mood turn around while we headed off to Mahane Yehudah.

Once we arrived to Mahane Yehudah the huge shuk we discovered how crowded and busy it was. Twas an afternoon filled with shopping and bargaining. After the shuk, we said goodbye to Yossi our beloved bus driver, for Shabbat. After chilling in our rooms and getting ready for Shabbat which was being hosted by a lovely man named Hillel in his home. It was a lovely delicious home cooked meal with great conversations and company! We ended the meal with Havaya’s birkat hamazon complete with table bangs and all! Shabbat shalom from Havaya Israel 🙂

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