Immediately after breakfast, we hopped on a bus to Nazareth, the birth town of Jesus. We had a grand introduction by the Arab scout movement, complete with a marching band, bagpipes, and traditional dances. Over the next 5 hours, we had a great time with Arab Israeli teens dancing, team building, and forging cross-cultural connections. After that we motored over to the Alma Porject in Tefen, a military education and research center that shared the Israel’s historic perspective of the conflicts on Israel’s northern border. Finally we debriefed on the bus back and headed to RASHBY’s cave and were invited to the a Druze household for a magical and chaotic dinner. The walk back up the Peki’in stairs were a good indicator of our full stomachs, and a warmup for the first big hike of the trip tomorrow. We are now packing up our bags to make our first move of the trip over to Kibbutz Ohalo.

Until tomorrow,
Havaya Israel 2022

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