We started the day off early waking up at 6:30 AM! After a breakfast filled with shakshuka and pancakes we made our way to the Majrase Nature Reserve for a beautiful water hike. Our hike was filled with many pictures (which we will post when the camera is not water logged) and lots of splashing. As the gang boarded the bus, Barak began an intro into the conflict at the northern border of Israel. By the end of the lesson, we had reached our second destination, Har Ben Tal, where we go an impromptu chance to chat with Israeli teens and other tours from South Africa. The mountain overviews three different countries; Lebanon, Syria, and Israel as well as the tallest peak in Israel, Har Hermon. Whilst our stomachs were grumbling for the pizza lunch that lay ahead, Barak gave a more in depth look on the conflict in Syria and the different factions struggling for power just across the border. We then loaded back onto the bus to go raft down the river Jordan, right after we devoured our delicious pizzas. Rafting was hectic, but in the end, everybody had a blast floating and playing around. After a day full of fun we sat down at our hostel for dinner and some games. Day 3 was electric and we can’t wait for what day 4 has in store!

Until tomorrow,
Havaya Israel 2022

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