After a much needed night of rest, we woke up refreshed and ready for our first full day in Israel. We grabbed breakfast, and a bunch of water, at the hostel before setting off to the Grottos of Rosh HaNikra. We admired the view of the Mediterranean Sea and took cable cars down to the Grottos to explore further. The group walked through the natural and man-made caves, as well as getting to see the border between Israel and Lebanon. After the fun journey down by the water, everyone got back on the bus to head to the mixed city of Akko. Mixed cities such as Akko are much more diverse than other communities across the country and have people of all religions living next to each other peacefully. Our lovely guide Barak taught us all about the Crusades as we stood in the ruins of the Roman Fortress. Along with some more water-drinking, we walked around the Shuk in Akko where most of us sat at an all-you-can-eat hummus restaurant or visited “The Best Falafel in the World” (according to our lovely guide). Post lunch, we all hopped back on the bus to go a little further north to swim in the Mediterranean Sea! It was a beautiful and refreshing experience, with clear, warm waters and an ice cream shop near by. Exhausted, our incredible driver, Hamza, drove back for dinner at the Hostel. We hydrated some more and played bonding games from camp before settling down for an early night.

Until tomorrow,
Havaya Israel 2022

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