Hello from our last day in the Negev. We’re continuing to head south, towards Eilat, after a very eventful day. We first visited a friend of our tour guide’s who worked with cows on a Kibbutz. We watched and learned as we walked through stalls that the cows were locked in. It was fun, even with the smell. After that we headed to the grave of David Ben Gurion. It was a very somber scene as we looked out at the mountains surrounding the graves. The site was inhabited by an animal known as an ibex. They were very cute. We then headed out to eat lunch in Yerucham at a local woman’s house. It was all homemade food, very delicious. She then told us her life story as we enjoyed popsicles and watermelon. The next stop for the day was creating kites. We didn’t stay long and most kites weren’t successful in flight, but it was still a fun process in the making. Our last activity for the day before heading to dinner was a Jeep tour that also included a stop at a natural spring. We drove off road, which was very bumpy. We arrived at the spring about 20 minutes later and we all started jumping in right away. It was very refreshing. We left the spring and drove back to the bus and went to eat dinner at a small marketplace. Soon after that, we loaded the bus and headed to a hostel where we are now spending the night. It was quite the adventurous day that now leads to a peaceful sleep. – Justin T.

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